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Media to Make Your Website Shine

Photography Services

Personalized photography adds a great touch to any website and further enhances the web design by providing it with a unique, tailored look. Produce your own company photos that separate you from your competition and properly communicate your marketing message. At Logic Media, we offer both on-site and in-studio professional photography services. Whether you're looking for general facility shots, professional portrait photography or product photography for your E-Commerce websites, we can help.

Photo Galleries

Nothing can showcase your company's line of products, services or projects better than an impressive and easy to navigate photo gallery. Properly displaying your work online through your website has never been easier. Our online photo galleries allow you to showcase your best work in order to generate more sales, all with the ability to easily upload new photos, tag images and categorize them as you see fit.


Video is another great way to make your website come to life, whether it is a home page introduction video or a personal walk-out video. Online video can increase your business conversions and help your online visitors become long-term customers. A simple introduction video can take your website to the next level, differentiating you from your competition, and build an automatic, personal relationship with your website visitors. Videos can be designed to be embedded into your website directly or simply be linked from video hosting platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Audio and Podcasts

Online audio is enjoying renewed popularity, with podcast listenership higher than ever before. High quality audio podcasts are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and develop a personal connection. Your podcast can even be embedded into your website, playable at the click of a button.

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Featured Louisville Web Design Projects

A selection of our recent website design projects for local clients. In addition to providing outstanding web design and development services, we also offer complete SEO/SEM, website hosting, maintenance, graphic design and online media services. Websites that catch your attention.

Thoughts on the Website Design Industry

Google Customer Match Email Address Targeting

As Google announces another great marketing innovation called Customer Match, question arise regarding the true nature of privacy and the trust that Google users place in the company. With Google’s newly rolled out service, marketers can upload a list of email addresses into an advertising campaign and assign specific ads to be displayed to those individuals as they perform specific searches on Google and other Google affiliate sites, such as YouTube and Gmail.…

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