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Louisville Website Design

Creative, attention-catching design is what keeps your website visitors reading after the first glance and builds a lasting first impression. Our custom, carefully crafted designs are the foundation that produces long-lasting results and helps your business grow. Through a working partnership with our clients, we discover, plan, create and build the design, layout, elements and features for each website that best fit your company’s needs and take your marketing efforts into the next dimension.

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Website Design in Louisville KY

Responsive Web Design is Our Standard

We make sure your website looks amazing on all devices. At Logic Media, responsive web design is part of our standard design service at no additional cost. Responsive design is a technique that allows a website to display properly on a wide range of devices, including smart phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers.

What about Mobile?

Mobile device usage continues to increase rapidly. More and more customers are starting to access your website via smart phones and tablets. Responsive design ensures that your website remains looking beautiful and functional on all devices, guaranteeing you don’t lose any valuable sales or leads.

Responsive Web Design

Copywriting and Content Development

Proper online copywriting and content development strikes the perfect balance between creating content for regular website visitors as well as search engines. Website content should be designed to not be off-putting or difficult to read for your actual customers, yet keyword rich for the search engines such as Google.

For most businesses, website content should be conversational, light-hearted, and easy to read. These characteristics help your human visitors connect with your website, and therefore, with your business. On the other hand, Google and other search engines will "read" your text as well. Sophisticated algorithms will process it to determine your keyword rankings. Careful placement of keyword terms can help drive the relevancy of your page and increase conversion rates.

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Copywriting Services

Control Your Website

With the help of our custom content management system (CMS), keeping your website updated is a breeze. Without any need for technical knowledge, your website copy, photos, products, services and general information can be updated with help of our CMS. Best of all, it's included at no additional charge with our hosting plans!

Content Management

Know Your Audience and Work Smarter

Capturing and analyzing your website usage after its launch is crucial when it comes to business success. Our website Analytics services make it easy for you to track your website visitors, access the performance of your keyword terms from search engines and analyze usage date to make smarter business decision going forward. Don’t be left in a dark.

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Website Analytics

Featured Louisville Web Design Projects

A selection of our recent website design projects for local clients. In addition to providing outstanding web design and development services, we also offer complete SEO/SEM, website hosting, maintenance, graphic design and online media services. Websites that catch your attention.

Thoughts on the Website Design Industry


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